Yesterday, I had been carrying around my guitar in a gig bag, nothing unusual, I do it all the time. But When I got home and took it out to practice, the first frets (especially 3, 4,and 5) on the lower strings have fret buzz now. I checked the Action and straightness of the neck, and I dont' understand what happened and how to fix it.
if you took it into extreme heat/humidity the neck got warped to ****. a truss rod adjustment is what you need.....
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The truss is fine I already checked that. But About the Humidity, I think that possibly the portion of wood at the problem area may have warped, because it's only on the lower three strings, so if it was the truss rod, all the strings would buzz. And I also was lucky enough for it to start raining on my walk to my friend's house, and I have a cheap ass gig bag.