I am giving electric guitar lessons to little dudes and someone wanted acoustice so i said yeah cuz I need the money. But I was wondering if there is much of a difference between electric and acoustic cuz I've never been to interested to look into acoustic guitars. Give me some tips...
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if you dont know how to play acoustic then you shouldnt teach it.
but you could just teach them electric stuff on an acoustic
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what do you plan on teaching?

i mean only difference with acoustic and electric is they style of music you play i guess.

idk, i'd teach chords and scales
yeah thats what i was thinking, i mean, i know a lot of songs that were ment to be acoustic songs and all the basic guitar stuff, i was just wondering if there was any sort of difference between both
The only difference is on electric you can play up to 22 frets on a string clearly on an Acoustic you can only go up to about fret 17.
The fingerpicking for acoustic is more advanced than that used on the electric.
But I think you should start teaching the open chords and give them songs that contain those chhords. just dont start with something too hard :P. then when they know some of that you can take the barrechords and some scales. you could also apply the electric guitar picking to a an acoustic i guess.