Hello Everyone, I Barely Post Or Leave A Comment On These Forums...But This Time Is A Special Ocassion.
I am 18 years old (there's little or no relevance by telling my age i guess)I Have Been Playing Guitar Aprox. 2 years and a Half, i did have to learn everything on my own, because i could not afford a tutor or teacher.
at first, i tought that playing guitar was the thing i loved the most in this world, so i spent my free days playing guitar like the great ones tell in their biographies or interviews (" oh yeah, i spend all day in my room with no food or water man, music is my energy") and **** like that.

so after a year, i could play malmsteen stuff (not as fast as him yet).
well...i guess i'm just making the story long, so, i will get to the point:

after all this time playing guitar, when i sit down and try to compose something...well, the results are not what i expect, what i mean is...i feel weird, is like my brain suddendly "stops" working, and everything i play i think is crap, or if i play something "decent" i dont notice.
and then i start to wonder , how all those great bands...like Iron Maiden And Gun's Roses (when slash played in that band) manage to compose such awesome stuff?.
i mean, if you closely analyse their music, is quite simple, but it rocks (steady crunchy riffs, that is what i aim for).

and then suddendly i started to think....what if music is just not for me?, what if i am just one of millions of teenagers that had hopeless dreams about being rockstars?.

what do i do?

p.s how's my english?,
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theory, learn a lot of theory
how music works and why.
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theory, learn a lot of theory
how music works and why.

yeah, i also been doing that...i' ve got some basic theory knowledge. like how scales are constructed, chords, and their names.
also been doin ear training. im quite good at it , but there's still a little more to walk
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Learn theory.
And if your gonna learn a song, learn it dammit, don't half learn it.

A tip on English, don't capitalize every word, and don't start a sentence with "and" like I did up there.

It takes a long time, keep that in mind, 2 years isn't long.
I've been playing 2 years myself and practice 8 hours a day during the summer, but I'm still not that great.
Learning an instrument is not an overnight thing.
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[QUOTE=that1l)And if your gonna learn a song, learn it dammit, don't half learn it.

what do you mean by that?, when i am learning songs, i dont learn half of the song, but the whole song.
besides, it would be pointless to list every song i know, right?
i saw an interview with slash, and he said all the stuff he writes he comes up with jamming with other people. you really can feed off just a drummer. that would help with the kind of stuff you want to write quite a bit i think.
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i find the easiest way to write riffs is just to jam with a band or another guitarist...that way someone always points out when something good is produced...alternatively you can try just sitting with your guitar and literally just play with amp settings and different techniques until you hit some gold material
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