i found a way to get screams out of my bass (no pick) there really quiet but there cool

your right hand is in the slap position. and rest the side of you plam on the string behind where you pop the note. Pop a note and when you do roll your hand up so it pops the note with you palm still resting on the string, then your palm comes off. it rolls preety fast.

has anyone else figured this out, if not try it, let me kno how it works out

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I prefer doing it with my thumb, just easier for me.

I can't really get much of a scream though.
If you want more of a squeal try picking with the nail. The way I do it is I put my thumb on the string in a position where you can pick up a harmonic, just in front of my index finger and then pick with my index/middle fingers and lift the thumb off. Basically like how you see Jaco do it.
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