I looked around and all I could find was a bunch of Indian words and a bunch of other stuff. So if anyone knows notes, tabs, etc. that sounds Indian (sitar) could you post them.

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well the harmonic minor scale sorrttaaa sounds like that
people usually say it sounds arabian when they hear it...
but i don't know about actual indian sorta things... but sitars have like quarter tones and weird stuff...
Go to http://wholenote.com, then go to "basics" then on the left "scales".. there's a ton of unique scales, probably one will have the sound you are looking for. Sorry I had to type that out ^ but links just show up as "/default"
Yep try a harmonic minor... Sounds oriental (arab more likely) if played right... There are many combinations anyway...
You might have to change the tuning; I think a Sitar's tuned in fourths (?).
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Guitar is tuned in fourths though as well - apart from between the b and g which is a major 3rd. Do you mean tune all the strings in fourths, therefore e a d g c f ?
There's links to the harmonic minor scale shape on my site (in signature) if you're wondering how to play it...