The way you hold your pick is kinda weird...but i like your voice.

Nice job!

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You turned the worst song on the album (for me) into a great track. I love the flow, and effortless nature of your voice. Nice job, although I'd love to hear the rest.
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wow you have an awesome voice!
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This is really really good!! I'd have to agree with everyoen who's already posted, this was my least favourite song on the album but it really works stripped down with just the acoustic guitar and your voice is INCREDIBLE!!!!

I'd love to see/hear your take on the whole song (possible including the guitar solo >.< so let me know when you get that done, okay?

If you fancy a crit for crit, just mosey on over to my Coheed and Cambria cover hereL https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=636222

Thanks, and great cover, keep up the good work!
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wow that was realy good
almost ad beautiful as you are
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you are
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Wow, great job. You are very pretty and your voice is awesome. 4 stars from me.
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Wow, great job. You are very pretty and your voice is awesome. 4 stars from me.

ohohoho~~thx u n love u >3<
very good, but your picking technique is... weired. Probably won't hurt you as long as your not trying to pick fast (16th notes or faster), but the way you hold your pick would make it very hard to do strict alternate picking.

Fine for chords though, and I doubt you care to play much faster, if so please ignore the criticism, I'm not trying to hurt your feelings, just to be constructive.

although You did a great job in that song. I will agree that you are pretty, and you've got a great voice. .

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You are awesome! The vocals are really really good.

I am guessing that guitar was pretty cheap though. I recommend you buy a better one. You deserve a better one.
I don't like MCR's new stuff, although this is pretty sweet.
I would recommend getting steel strung. However your voice is amazing.
Guitaring is solid too.
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