hey, I remastered an old song of mine.
It needed to be produced better cause in my opinion it is a good creepy ****ing song, lol..

Ok, the song is called "Immortal Lands" and you can find it

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sounds pretty good man. its different yet familiar. i like it
c4c my song?
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Man, that was badass. You have a great sound going on.. great production and quality. Great guitar riffs, but ****ing awesome synth. But the piano was by far my favorite. There was one part before the main piano part where the piano was just sprinkled in with the strings, and that was so awesome.

My only complaint is when I looked at the player and the song was almost done at 2 minutes. I was ready to listen to a 10 minute epic. I was really anticipating some black metal growling to come in and the whole thing just kicking off to a new level... but I was disappointed there. Maybe your other songs do this, I'm going to listen. ****ing awesome song though, I really enjoyed it.

Can you listen to mine? Its prog rock.. little lighter than your genre here. heh. I'm always curious to know what metalheads think of my songs because I used to be a big metal head.. Thanks

Haha, thanks, I love you too !!
I put a dollar in a change machine. Nothing changed.