Hello everybody
I have an Ibanez Rg350 and i want to change those pickups

Dimarzio Air norton Neck (Humbucker)
dimarzio YJM centre (singlecoil)
Dimarzio ToneZone (Humbucker)

MY question is...
Is the dimarzio YJM strong enough to match with the other two humbuckers?

I hope you understand what i mean because my englisch skillz arent that good
I would rather change the trem first but....
Why don't you just put a stacked single coil in there instead? I would just leave a normal single in there, for versatility.

Or are you talking about loudness?
i dont know i heard somewhere that it could sound "unbalanced"so im unsure if im gonna buy that pick up...
my second choice would be the protrack but i still like the sound of the YJM not only because of Yngwie , i already heard that pick on another gitars and it sounds pretty cool

and..what do you mean with change the tremolo? its my first guitar with tremolo so i dont know what kind of disadvantage this tremolo have.
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