hey all,

i have been playing the guitar for a couple of year now and have always played classical music and some songs that contain mainly chords, but one thing i haven't been able to do is solo. i find it really difficult to get the rhythm right and gain speed.

does anybody know of any songs that i can start out with, to help me solo?

and does anyone have any tips when doing solo's

Download a guitar pro song with a long slow rythm part and put it on loop and start playing a simple melody over it. Then start getting creative, like hammer ons and pull offs, tap, arpeggios. Once you get the hang of the rythm and progression start playing a little faster.
if youre really just starting w/ soloing, smells like teen spirit by nirvana, and pretty much anything by green day
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hmm as ur post it seems u beginner in Solo's...and the best SOLOs to learn from are:

* The Beatles - Something
* RHCP - Californication

that was my order, after those when I got better I learnt
* Hotel California by The Eagles
* Comfortably Numb - Pink Floyd

tips? use a PICK ofcourse, pick it 1downward 1upward and so on..
I guess just practive ur PICK picking.. I played guitar for 3 years and only next year I started using a Pick (when I got my Electric Guitar)
my speed and timing has noticeably improved from just practicing scales, usually one scale across all 6 strings. use a metronome at first to get the timing down at an easy speed, then gradually increase the speed. if you're making too many mistakes, back it down a bit. Be sure to avoid tensing up, its more tiring and I find I can play faster when i'm relaxed and loose. granted scales aren't that fun, but you don't need an amp for it and can just do them in front of the TV when the commercials are on

hey thanks everyone i will learn those songs and see how it goes, thanks again for being so quick and helpful
If you want to try my suggestion i have some good backing tracks and examples of how you can solo over almost anything. So just let me know, shoot me a PM with your MSN or AIM and i can send em to you.
The first Master of Puppets solo/the interlude is brilliant to learn. It's not hard, by any means, especially if you've been playing 2 years. It's got everything you need - hammers ons, pull offs, bends, alternate picking, moving around the fretboard a bit, and it's no too fast that it's impossible.
Learn how to mute strings that you dont intend to play, so that if you do make a mistake (playing fast almost always produces one or two), it'll go un noticed.
Thats the most important thing I can share with you about soloing and fast picking.
As for WHAT you want to play, it's all subjective, bro.
As far as speed goes - techniques that I've been focusing on = Hammer On/Pull Offs, and Sweeping...

These seem to be some things that essentially have let me do more notes in a shorter amount of time - which isn't 'essential' for soloing.. but it's important for me.

Also some good ideas above - work on muting unplayed strings or multi-tasking a bit more. I've impressed myself when I'll be playing a fairly quick riff and accidently hit a wrong string and notice one of my unused fingers automatically flex up and stop it from ringing out.

Also metronome!

And theory!

Speed is important for most solo styles - but not always. With good theory you can write amazing solos without the speed.
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when ur good learn eruption by EVH for the time being as u r new to soloing i would say the first one in master of puppets or the river by good charlotte
Chaosinborn thanks that would be great i'll send you a PM

Had a look at the first solo in Master of Puppets looks fairly simple and i'll give that a try

Thanks demea i'll keep that in mind when attempting solo's, great tip

Derickonfire, thanks i'll look at speed once i have learnt all the basics, and try to incorporate Hammer On/Pull Offs, and Sweeping

gooey moo, thanks that looks like a very difficult song to play and that will be something to work towards, i was also hoping that i would also be able to play sweet child o' mine, i know thats what everyone wants to play but i need to start somewhere

thank you everyone, all of your posts are very helpful and i'll give you all some feedback thanks again