some scumbag behaeaded his puppy here in S. A.

24/07/2007 23:52 - (SA)

Danel Blaauw, Beeld

Delmas - There were gasps of horror in the Delmas Magistrate's Court on Tuesday when animal rights activists heard graphic details of how Phillip Matthysen, 31, beheaded his Husky puppy with a chainsaw.

Minutes later, the shock turned to fury when the sentence of the "Delmas chainsaw killer" as he was referred to on placards, was suspended in full.

Magistrate CE Moldenhauer sentenced Matthysen to 12 months in prison or a fine of R10 000 (USD 1400, ).

The full sentence was conditionally suspended for five years.

The marketing consultant from Sundra admitted in a packed court C that he had committed the gruesome "murder" and said through his lawyer that he had sawn the dog's head off with the petrol-driven chainsaw in a fit of anger.

Matthysen committed the crime in February after his four-month-old pup chewed through a cable running to his security fencing, and killed an exotic parrot.

'Very irritated and frustrated'

Matthysen said in his admission of guilt that he had been suffering from jet-lag after returning from London that morning.

When he saw the damage he was very irritated and frustrated, also having had transport problems. The deed was committed during an "unprecedented, temporary outburst of anger".

Just when u think humans cant get any worse.
thats just sad.

the dog wouldnt do things like that if the guy trained it properly.

he has no excuse to kill it with a chainsaw.
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the dog wouldnt do things like that if the guy trained it properly.

dude, it was 4 mos old...you cant train a dog perfectly at 4 mos old. none the less, that just pretty much ruined my friday...
Aw poor wittle puppy..

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**** THAT ****IN **** id saw his balls off with a dull hacksaw those are the kinds of people you dont want on the streets...they could do that to people too
chainsaws are for people who are too lazy to do it with an olive fork. j/k

i bet that guys wife has to be feeling really comfortable around him right now.
you know, most serial killers start with animal cruelty...
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yeah, thats me

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It's terrible and he deserves to pay time.

Criminals should be punished by the crime that they committed.

edit: Nevermind that... sex offenders would have a field day...
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reminds me of a story where an exotic parrot got it's head sawed off because it chewed through a cable running to some security fencing and killed a husky.

people are cruel
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*punches infant*
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dreamtheater91 has destroyed my soul with that story

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