i'm looking for which album to get by the mighty mighty bosstones, cause i've been told by many friends to listen to their stuff...which do you think is their best / most popular?

and also, same thing for dropkick murphy's?

anyone's opinions are greatly appreciated, haha. thanks.
So the air's getting colder
and the news keeps us scared.

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my favorite of their's is "Let's Face It" and i think it's often considered their best.
And clenching your fist for the ones like us
Who are oppressed by the figures of beauty,
You fixed yourself, you said, "Well, never mind,
We are ugly, but we have the music."
Let's Face It is good...just dont get any of the newest albums...they just suck

and as far as the Dropkicks go (one of my favorite bands, btw), i would recommend any album.Most DKM fans say that Blackout is their best.Personally, i recommend The Warriors Code and Do Or Die.But if you do not live in Massachusetts and youre going to a music store,you'll have the most luck (if any) finding Warriors Code and Blackout