OK, I know this has been done before but I didn't want to hijack someone elses thread. My questions are:

1) HOLDING THE PICK, not the grip but how much of the pick do you generally leave exposed? I have been trying different things and leaving too much I almost strike the pickup, so go too deep and leave too little my fingers interfer. Now is the pick just a mimic of say a finger nail? Does it depend on the style of picking?

2) ANGLE OF STRIKING THE STRINGS I notice say when I start a fast mute or do some trem picking say for like the song Don't Forget Me by RHCP or the quick part in Fade to Black that the pick seems to almost get stuck in the strings. Should your angle vary at all when doing fast picking?
i thought that holding the pick was just like whatever feels best...
"well I'm fed up and I need to go, out of existence or just down the road, forever"
I leave a very small part of the pick, enough to pick cleanly but also small enough to give me a good pinch harmonic when needed.

When picking fast, i usually pick at a 45 degree angle as opposed to a straight 90.
I sometimes turn the pick sideways and strike with the broad edge of it, but switching between that and holding it normally can become a problem when you're trying to continue the flow of a song. If you work on it for a while, you can get the switching down really fast though.