I love martin SP 11's. probably the only string i'll ever use now.
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I've tried Martin, GHS, Ernie Ball, Store Brand, Elixirs, and Gibsons, but I always find myself cumming back to D'addario EXPs. They're expensive but sound great and last a while. Keep in mind though, it's gonna be different preferences for everybody so best thing to do is to try different brands/types/gauges over time and settle on one you really like/

jayman, strings not ****ty amps lol

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I've used D'addario .11s for a while now, but today I picked up a pack of DRs and Curt Mangans, both Phosphor Bronze .13s and some D'addario Silk & Steel strings.
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Ive always used D'addarios heavy gauge and ive been totally satisfied so far...i bought some DRs yesterday and im gonna try them, but i think D'addarios the way to go
i usually go for elixir nanowebs but recently i tried some dean markley alchemy strings and in open c tuning then sound pretty nice.
Elixirs or D'Addario EXPs. I honestly dont know which i prefer. I have different pros and cons for each but all in all i rate them equal.
I play Martin .13's. They're gold