Hi, on Monday I am going to a rockschool and one of the requirements state that I need headphones with 1/4 inch jack, are they the jacks that go into amps and studio equipment etc and are there anywhere apart from guitar shops I can get them from?

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Yeah its the size that guitar cables are. Most headphones have 1/8" jacks, but any music store or electronics store should have little things that convert them into a 1/4" jack. Just ask a clerk if they have them.
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Go to radioshack and just buy a cheap adapter that will hook the 1/8 jack (mp3 player size) you already use to a 1/4.
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Only reason why they are saying headphones with 1/4 inch jacks is because all of them are better quality when compared to 1/8 inch.
u can buy both, standard 1/8 inch jack earphones with a 1/4 inch jack adapter or a pair 1/4 inch jack earphones. the latter's more expensive but also better quality depending on what earphones you're using the adapter with.