Well my friend, Evan and I started a band several months ago, this was after we started jamming together, and we recently found a drummer. The drummer and I have played together lots of times but Evan can never make it to band practice. It's so consistently a problem that I am considering dropping him from the band. This sprouted some other ideas as to how this would improve the band, as Evan does not take criticisms well and sees my advice as inferior since he has been playing 6 years. I on the other hand have only been playing 2 years. Even though it would probably be hard to find another guitarist, it's like he's not even part of the band anymore, though he would be very valuable as he knows other local musicians personally and can get us gigs and other things.

Thanks for reading.


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Get rid of him. If a band member can't get along with the rest of the band its only going to cause trobule, best now and get it over and done with.

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better to get rid of him than later

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hmmm...I dunno, but talk to him first.

I don't personally think that your friend (who started the band with you) should be kicked out just yet, because the new guy isn't liked by him. But, I don't know either of you.
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talk to him about missing practice all the time. tell him to try to make it more. if he doesnt, you can do one of two things

1: get rid of him
2: rip his balls out. say he can have them back once he makes it to practices.
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