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I don't know if another thread has ever been made about this (I used the search bar and didn't really see anything that was what I'm trying to say) but has UG ever considered having an "Other" forum under the instruments tab? I know that it is a guitar website, but as cases of irrelevancy (sp?) go, the pit is the most irrelevant **** ever and we all know it.

I think it's safe to say that a large percentage of people on this website play other instruments in addition to guitar or bass, but don't really have anywhere to talk about it. I'm not saying we should have a bunch of different forums for everything, but just an "Other" forum for us guitarists who also happen to be into keyboards, piano,drums,violin,triangle etc. would be pretty cool. I don't see how it would not be popular, people who don't even play guitar come to this website for the amazing amount of guitar pro tabs that it has (for those who don't have it, guitar pro is like a sheet music program for guitar, but also has numerical tabs and can be written to have tabs/sheet music for ANY instrument) and a lot people on this website who are in bands don't even play guitar for their band.

Yes, it is a guitar website, but lets face it, it's pretty much one of the most popular, if not THE most popular, modern music news/tablature websites in the entire world, and the same can not be said for the most popular keyboard or drum sites. UG could use it's popularity to create a really nice, fairly large helpful community of people who play instruments in addition to guitar, and all that has to be done is the addition of one forum to it's already large collection of different forum subjects.
Been discussed before.
Although I take your side on it, Zappp dosent.
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This should be somewhere else but, yeah I'd love to have a piano forum.
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Ah. I wouldn't have made the thread had I known that before. And yes, like I already stated, I know that it's Ultimate-GUITAR, but seeing as there are forums geared towards stuff like band promoting or buying/trading gear (when not all the gear is even guitar related), plus the existence of the pit, kind of shows that it's also a site geared towards simply people who play guitar period, not just the instrument itself.

Edit: I'd again like to point out the fact that "Ultimate-GUITAR!!!11one" is also probably one of most visited sites by players of other instruments, just for the huge amount of guitar pro and power tab files that are on the site, tablature that appeals to ALL musicians.
I don't see why not.
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this is ultimate guitar
not ultimate other instruments

Well, last time I checked people talk about a lot more than guitar on here.

I wish there was a forum like this, I don't see how it would hurt anything, it'd be nice to have a place to talk about keys, drums, etc.
Maybe it could be a stickey, but not another forum
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And as stated in the description of The Pit: "The forum for all general discussion that is not covered by other forums, from music issues to whatever."

Go ahead, make your "ONLY Clarinet thread" or "ONLY Drum thread".
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Been tried. It failed. An "Other Instruments" thread was in Musician's Talk, but it died too. However, I think it should be tried again just so people will shut up about it

True, but a thread pertaining to a certain instrument sort of pales in comparison to an entire forum where questions and advice can be posted in thread form, rather than searching through the entirety of one thread so that you can maybe find the advice your looking for.

I'm not trying to disrespect the mods or anything, but I still don't see the bane of the idea. In the exact words of one of my best friends, "This site is awesome for tabs, but theres no point in being a member because there's no where to talk about drums anyways." If it's something about incentive, I always had the idea that +Membership = good?
Seriously, this is a GUITAR website. Pit dwellers don't care to discuss other intruments. The mutual mentality on this site is "guitar or GTFO" (although that doesn't always apply in the Pit). There are other websites and other forums. If you start an intrument thread in the Pit and it fails, why would it work elsewhere? The Pit has 100s of viewers at a time, the best chance for anyone else interested in *instrument* to reply. A forum dedicated to all other intruments would have maybe 5 simultaneous viewers max., and therefore would completely fail.

I typed that out once here:

It won't work.
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It's a fantastic idea, and I suggested it in the past, but the Mods say no. I dont know why, and noone else knows why, but that's just the way that zappp wants things, so that's how it will be. He's UG's father.

There are always other UG spinoff forums that discuss a wider variety of instruments, and topics, and that have some known UG'ers registered at them...

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Quote by vicd08
I typed that out once here:

It won't work.

Like I said, a "Official *Instrument*" thread pales in comparison to a forum where you can go to get and give advice for certain situations, rather than browse through a gigantic thread in a forum where threads are knocked out to other pages constantly due to an instrument thread being in the same category as the "Do u liek mudkipz?" thread.

I guess in the end there's no debating to the owner of the website, it's his choice overall and if he says no then he says no. I just never really found any other instances of people pointing out the glaring facts that UG is used by a variety of musicians, not just guitarists, and that one more forum out of...Alot? 20 something? Would make a huge difference and help a lot of people. Besides the die-hard "mods word is law" people like yourself, and the mods themselves, the response seems to be overwhelmingly positive. So, yeah, maybe it would never happen seeing as the general mod idea seems to be no, but your logic that it wouldn't work is extremely flawed.