At the moment, i am playing standing up a lot more in my room.

Im trying to learn that solo Mama im coming home solo by ozzy osbourne (zakk wylde)

But anyway, i can play the whoel thing all the way through pretty well...

But when it came to standing up, it took me about 45 minutes before i could play it all the way through with no mistakes, ....no mistakes but imperfections. ( i am a perfectionist to an extent)

My question is......how long does it take to be able to play a solo like that standing up ?
Yeah I find it hard aswell standing up... cause I never started out standing up, really regret it. I'd also like to know how long it would take (practicing for maybe half an hour standing up every day?) until I become comfortable standing up?

45 minutes

You answered your own question.
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I think the only issue for me is the upper fret wankage stuff, and the angle of my wrist for control.......adjusted th playing angle of my wrist will prolly take a while, but i wanted to know what you guys thought.
if it means that much to you just practice standing up now. dont sit. there is no timetable on how long it takes though. everyone learns at different speeds. also try raising the guitar up on your body too. i like mine the center of my guitar to sit about my belly button. the higher it is the easier it is to play though.
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I have the exact same problem. the angle of my wrists changes from sitting down and its like trying to learn to play all over again =/
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