So I'm deciding which to get between the following amps:

Vox Valvetronix AD50VT-212
B-52 AT-112

I play mostly metal, but do appreciate a clean tone. Mostly for home use. So any opinions? Thanks guys.
I would say the AT personally--based on seeing Mike Stone play through them live from the front row in a very small venue, they can pull off lots of different good tones (metal, and non metal), though since you do mostly metal, you should look into the Valvetronix XL's instead of the normal ones.
b-52s are usallly nicer and arnt as long lasting
the valvetronix it good too but its not quite equal
Oh yeah, by the way i recently found out that there's a problem with vox's in that sometimes the ring that screws the input jack in place falls off, which results in the jack falling into the amp. Once you know how, its not that hard to get it back out. If anyone doubts this, pm me and I'll tell you my story with vox.
^^ He's right. The input jack does fall in sometimes (hasn't happened to me) but it's not a hard fix. Still, I wouldn't go for the VOX for metal. Either get a Cube, VOX XL, or The B-52.
From those two choices: B52 There are other choices in that price range.
i own a valvetronix. for your style, id look elsewhere.
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