now this is my first attempt at these kinds of songs. It is extremely hard for me to even play 10 seconds of the song for some reason. Do you think this songs can be used by using two fingers or you think 3 is best? (plucking)
4...there are some parts where u have to learn some new techniques if you havent been classicaly trained at all though. im going to sound liek a broken record but you jsut slow her down and build th speed up
^Yep. Use the thumb for the bassiest notes and the fingers for the higher notes-- usually index and middle, and on occasion, the ring fingers for me. Thumb is the 'rhythm' while the fingers are 'lead'

Examine the song... tab... thing you're reading to learn the song-- you may recognize that the notes played in there are related to a chord... for example:

Taken from http://www.ultimate-guitar.com/tabs/m/mason_williams/classical_gas_ver2_tab.htm

As you can see on the first bar, all the notes and fret positions resemble the A minor root 5 chord. All the notes in the chord are not used, but you won't have to move your fingers around hitting all these other frets when you can just keep a chord fingering and play a few bars.
Proper clarity of chords is a must for playing stuff like this- if you can play an Am chord but the B string gets muted by one of your fingers on accident, and you apply the chord fingering to playing the song, hitting the note on the B string just won't be happening until you clean up your chord work.
i got my middle going but dang this song...oo dear. well back to practice thanks for the help
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