Hey everyone,

So I'm quite bored at home, and wactching Most Haunted on Youtube (I know how **** it is, but it's still funny to watch)

Anyway, my question is:

Do you believe in ghosts? or spirits from the deceased?

And why do you believe they exist? Any first hand experience?

If you don't, why? Not trying to be rude or anything, I'm just curious.

I myself believe that spirits do exist, but I've had no first hand experience so I can't really back up my opinion.

Share your thoughts
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I guess it is possible that they exist but I've never had any experiences personally so I can't really be sure.
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When I was young, I told my parents that there was and old man that pushed me on the swing while I was outside. They watched me for a few days, but saw no such man. We asked our neighbors, and they said that before we lived there, and elderly man lived in our house. Few remembered him, but he supposedly loved kids. They gave us a picture, and It was the exact man I told my parents I had seen. We have since moved, and I have never seen him again, but I am sure of what I saw.

Therefore, yes, I do believe in spirits.
i used to really believe in stuff like that a year or more ago, but since then i have had some serious changes in religion and i really find most of that stuff bull. I used to be a die hard believer but not some much any more. A phase i grew outta i guess you can say