ok so all you pros think back to when you was like me just got your gear so how long did it take you guys to play something that sounded half ass decent plz do not say 2mins plz plz :P anyway gear is GRG170dx with a Marshall MG30DFX sure hope this is right thread if not mybad
get rid of the mg and ur halfway there. I'm not a pro and own an mg i got it when i was first starting out but now i have a nice tube amp and that makes a big difference.
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i'm no pro,i'm 14...but i would say that u should make sure u have strings that sound and play good...i prefer BIG strings...i use beefy slinkys in standard tuning...i find them easier to pick cuz they dontn move around as much as light gauge strings (and they sound better.)i think you basically need to feel comfortable before you get serious...also,if u'r just starting,try to get a good style made up...as in left hand style...look up the lesson on "left hand dexterity." it helped me a lot...
I think the gear forum would fit this.

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