personally, I would go with a big muff

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mute pedal.... or volume pedal set at 0. Ha.. nah i dunno... I'm mean.
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The Boss is such a good pedal, though. Last I checked Boss effects were analog...am I wrong? The Big Muff might be a bit too fuzzy for punk, but it gets damn close.
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The rat and EHX Big Muff would be great for punk.

Except you might not get them under 80$, go used.
Dude, you have a classic, it should get Anti-Flag. Just get an overdrive to boost it. Get a SD-1 by Boss. 40 bucks. Anti-flag aren't very high gain at all.
fool around with your peavey, once it arrives, before you go about buying a pedal for it. you might decide you don't even need a pedal. if not, you'll know how much more gain you need out of a pedal and whether or not you need a distortion or an od. weren't you praising the spider just a couple of months ago?
I know, I'm not gona go buy a pedal yet, but I think I'm going to need one later. I don't plan on getting one anytime too soon. When I played it at GC it didn't seem to have that much gain, but it could work. I just want a pedal incase I find out that it doesn't have enough gain for Anti-Flag and some other stuff like that, a little harcore punk stuff.
i use my ds 1 for punk on my classic 30
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