i can almost do the solo, the only part thats really getting me is when i hit
E: 22p19 19
20 20-15 15
16 16
17 17 19b21

the 15-16-17 downward sweep and the last bit, the 17-19-17-16-17 and the bend, is there a certain fingering that works well? (im using I-M-R for sweep, then for the 17-19-17-16-17 bit, its R-P-R-M-M(slide up to 17) and bending with my ring finger, is that the correct way to do it? thx in advance, its really pwning me
itd be nice if that tab was comprehendable
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heh, sry, didnt know it comes out like that, how do i make a tab look like, well, tab?
Put code tags around it.
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theeere we go, hopefully
yes i think you are doing it right, but just needs more practice to make the solo more fluid.