well im a noob here,i play guitar for the band Dead Soldier
were a thrash metal band out of Surrey BC Canada,we are in the
middle of writting our fist album,we have a unfinished Demo song online
right now,soon we are going to start recording,then we can start doing shows for beer
Really great stuff, the drums kinda have a fake sound though. But man. that's still some awesome music. FROM CANADA \m/
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Allow me to summarize it:


lolz at teh led zeplinn!

If you want a band logo PM me
thanks man,ya the guy that recorded it was playing around with some effects on the drums
thats not even close to a finished demo,it basically was used to find a bass player and a singer,so they had something to listen too,now we have all the players we need,were written more,and then off to record