ok im buyin an esp with active pickups, but ive never used active pickups, whats the difference between them and passive pickups? and also i only have my crappy 10 watt practice amp, so should i get a new one?
active pickups u can put a headphone to and hear the music through the amp lol thats all i know.
Basically actives are just higher output pickups than passive pickups and to be able to do this they need to run on something to give them power, in this case a battery.
would you mind specifying which esp, as well as what pickups?
and you will have to unplug your guitar when not playing, or the batteries in your guitar wiil go dead.
Well most ESPs come stock with EMGs and others come with either Seymour Duncans or lower rated pickups. ESP usually has 81/60 or 81/85 combo.
Active pickups require a battery, which lasts a very very long time so it's not something to be worried about. Just make sure you unplug the guitar when you're done. They have a higher output (louder), but they are also known to sounds less organic. They are a love hate relation ****, some love em others hate them. I personally love them.
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^they have higher output, but less output impedance, which is nice if ur driving a whole bunch of pedals or longass cables. u won't lose much signal. there is a preamp in them, and those boost the signal. pickup itself is very low output. the preamp boosts it so it's louder.
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You know the JB is what you get when you buy the sunburst right..? 81 is an EMG, JB is a Seymour Duncan.
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its an LTD EC-500 with an 81 JB in the bridge and a 60 in the neck and yeah theyre EMG's...

There is no such thing as an "81 JB."