Times change
and so do people
this truth ive come to understand.
But what I cant fully grasp
is why they do it so horribly

You ended the happiest time ive had in years
and eased the pain by saying "friends"
but how can you go back to something
that was never there in the first place

I guess our "friendship" worked
that is until someone else came
and now you cant even give me
hello, much less a conversation

just leave me alone
clean breaks are now demanded
thanks, but its just not worth it
to stay friends

Well, I cant really call this a song, as much as a poem but eh. My songs/poems sound reallly whinny to me lately, I just I just need something to happen to me that isnt love or loveless inspired.

Crit is welcomed and thanked.
I like it. I must admit most of anything i've written has been based around similar sorts of subjects and i find it very difficult to not find them too cliché. But i really think you did a good job. Short and sweet. Would be interesting to see how you fit them to a rhythm or tune.
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