Get off of UG and go practice!

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does anybody have a sitar?
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you have to buy them from george harrison. He owns all of them
spend all night tonight playing the entire song/s that the sweeping phrases are in.

Then tomorrow, for the first half of the day, play the entire set-list with extra emphasis on the songs with those parts.

Then stop. Play the guitar still, but don't stress your fingers too much. Try to relax

Day of the show play through the set-list once after an extra-long warm up

That is how I prepare for a show if I haven't been albe to play for a while

good luck =-p =-)
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It's not rocket surgery.
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as long as everyone in the band knows their **** well and yall dont have a problem stayin together while playin a song
We wont have time as a full band to play. Maybe i can go over something with the other guitarist and the vocalist.
uhh that sucks dude
really bad
im in the same situation
if my band gets to semi finals
i leacve the country
and get back right before them
and i have to keep my fingers in nshape