Ok well my birthday is August 6th and i wanna get a harmonica in standerd key and a holder for it any ideas about which one to get, i havent played in a few years thus i am a but rusty on everything so i need a nice sturdy harmonica that will get me a good sound without costing too much. Thanks a billion guys
He wants to know what kind of harmonica would be good for him.

I don't know much about harmonicas, so I can't help.
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well i sorta men t to imply that i need a suggestion on a good standerd harmonica to get
go to a music store and ask someone there maybe?
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well i did but that guy was hell bent on selling me a 50 dollar harmonica so i left and told him i would be back
well, a good harmonica is gonna cost you.
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From what I hear.

A Hohner Special 20 in C is a good starting harmonica.

I know for a fact they're cheaper than 50 bucks.

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