This is a band i've been playing with for a few years and we finally just recorded, and are in the process of recording some songs. I play guitar and a little bit of keys, koala plays bass and Jay is the drummer. We REALLY need a singer and would love a second guitarist and keyboardist. Our sound... Its definately rock... Our style varies so much from song to song it would be impossible to shove us into a more direct subgenre.


PLEASE add us. And if you like what you hear and live in nassau county on long island, in NY, sing for us if you're good at that, or another instrument.
Glass Hammer is pretty tight. I really like the sound. Has some pretty cool riffs in it. But ya I agree, you definetly need a singer, it could bring the level of everything up so much. The keyboard solo is really cool. I love the riff in Gundam Face. Drums are cool too. You guys have a lot of potential, but like you said, you at least need a singer. And keyboards would really help too. Sounds like you're taking care of things with just one guitar, but maybe you have something else planned for it that I don't know of. Keep up the great work and good luck with the search.

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I'll crit Glass Hammer.

The intro seems to go on for too long, even though i do like the synth lead type going on. I always love it when two pieces of music mesh perfectly.

It needs vocals, bad. I like the production quality, not amazing, but a hell of a lot better than what i can put together.