I'm looking into getting 1 of these 2 combos as my first tube amp as I've heard good things about both, but I have never had the chance to play either of them, I've never even seen either of them in person lol. I play mostly high-gain stuff (punk, modern/alternative/etc rock... ). I don't necessarily need METAL, but I need a good distorted palm mute, not like "thp thp thp", more like "chg chg chg" if that makes any sense lol. I'm just looking for the maximum gain levels on both amps. Like if you cranked the gain on both amps all the way, how heavy would each be? Could you give band examples? (like "the 900 will sound like *band* and *band*, but the 2000 will be more like *band*" or whatever)


I'd also probably try to go used for either amp, but I'd buy new if it's absolutely necessary

also on a side note, do brand-new tube amps need to be biased? sorry, tube-n00b in the house
Check out some samples on youtube. TSL has more gain than the JCM 900. Also I dont think that more gain is automatically a more heavy sound. Forget the sounds of the bands on recordings they can be really hard to copy, create your own.
I've tried both and the 900 is the only Marshall amp I've ever liked. I tried the one with the 5881s in it though so that might've had something to do with it. It could do Metallica/Sabbath fine if I remember, but anything heavier would require a OD pedal.

The 2000 was a big let down to me, I thought it'd have more gain than it did, but I was really dissapointed in it, not the amp I was expecting.
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