here's a new song i wrote.
I have really nothing to say about that,
so i hope u'll have.
(If u know, Plz tell what kind of genre is it)


edit: i added the song in midi.
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Hmm not a bad piece, I felt it was quite predictable... for the first 20 or so bars. The 21st bar on Guitar 1 had some nice variation in it. I particularly like it from the 23rd bar, sounds oriental. The fade-ins sound surprisingly good, followed by the solo which is really good, imaginative and sounds great. Then back to the 46th bar, but the 2nd guitar gives it a really nice feel this time round. I like the bass in the outro, gives the song more depth.
Overall a pretty nice piece, maybe a bit more imagination but the solo and outro were excellent, you've done well to make a song out of it.
Hmm, genre wise.. Alternative?
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Really like it! Though you should turn the volume up on the 58th bar for guitar 1, I think the solo there isn't loud enough.
I don't really like the outro, it's a bit repetitive because that riff is used a lot in the song. I like the solo's and the variation of the second guitar that starts on the 46th bar very much
Overall a great song

The Genre: well the intro is a bit like blues or jazz, but the solo is more classical so I don't really know
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