I am planning on going guitar shopping today and I was wondering if you guys had any suggestions as to what type of guitars I should be looking at.

I've been playing my squier strat for three years and I finally have the money to move up. Thing is I like to play all kinds of music...from Jazz to Metal. I'm looking to spend around 600 dollars. My guitar teacher suggested a Gibson but.....I don't see that happening. So basically what do you think I should get? I was conisdering a Schechter but I dunno.

Thanks in advance.
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Maybe an Epiphone LP then upgrade the pickups?
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an Ibanez?
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So basically what do you think I should get? I was conisdering a Schechter but I dunno.

I have a Schecter blackhawk which was pretty cheap (£190) and its really gd.
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Maybe an Epiphone LP then upgrade the pickups?

thats what i was going to say, but it really depends its all personal style. just asking what to get from other people wont get you anywhere.

just say you're "browsing" today.
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THanks for all suggestions so far.

I dunno he didn't say which Gibson in specific.

And as for bands, some of my favorites are Tea Leaf Green, Fleetwod Mac, Grateful Dead, Otis Rush (love his tone and style) and Iron Maiden, and anything Eric Clapton. I like a lot more but those are just some that I particularly like the guitar playing.

Also I'm looking to stray away from single coil pickups and try something new.

And yea I pretty much am browsing but I just want to have like some sort of direction...some method to the madness that is guitar shopping.
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I'd say an HSS strat. I wouldn't go with an Ibanez because of the music that you are into.(Even though Ibanezs are great guitars!)
The strat is very versatile and would suit you due to the wide variety of music styles you listen to and play.
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Perhaps a Gibson SG special? You can change the pickups if you need to later, and they are nice guitars, or at least the ones I've played on are. If you don't want to spend quite that much, I recomend the Schecter C-1 Classic. Nice guitar.
Some sort of strat would be awesome, maybe a highway one with some haggling or a classic 50's/classic 60's player strat.
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highway one :P

the 07 model looks awesome
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