Anyone here like this band? Ive heard some pretty negative stuff about these dudes but i like most of their songs. If there was ever a band out there that plays music from the heart then these guys would be one of them. Some of their songs arent that great i'll admit (but thats cancelled out by their good songs) and even though some regard them as 'christian' rock thats not really 100% true. Yeah, they were involved in that scene early on but I just see them as a very good (talented) rock band. I couldnt give a **** if theyr are christian rock, i just like the music. And they are a live band. I havent seen them perform but i have heard they are awesome live. I think they deserve some recognition, when compared to most other bands around today, switchfoot **** all over them, really.

I personally think their more rock oriented songs are their better ones like meant to live, stars and politicians. But my favorite overall is dare you to move. Great rock ballad.. to me, they just seem like a cool bunch of surfer dudes from san diego playing good music.

What do you all think?
I like them. I really like how they aren't forcefully Christian but still have a social conscience, ya know?
If you could blow up the world with a flick of a switch,
Would you do it?

If you could make everybody poor just so you could be rich,
Would you do it?

With all your power,
What would you do?
i like them very much. Dare You To Move is a really awesome song. And they dont juice up their music. Thats what they sound like. Thats why they are a live band. Not only because of the show they put on. but because they sound like "Switchfoot" in concert. Great band, very under rated
It's a long way to the top, If you wanna rock and roll
the whole "oh! gravity." album is awesome. It has their full spectrum of sounds.


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Quote by Wayward_Son
I like them. I really like how they aren't forcefully Christian but still have a social conscience, ya know?

Yeah thats probably a better way of putting it. They write music about social issues and problems. Not exactly political stuff but 'politics of the heart' i think is what Jon Foreman once said. I guess 'why can't we seem to keep it together' sums it up.
I think the members are Christian, but the band as a whole doesn't play Christian songs like other Christian BANDS would. I like them, they're AWESOME live.
Not really into them. They've got a really mainstream sound, I can see why they're popular, but they just don't tickle my pickle.
im sorta 50/50 on mainstrem and like kartman said they got a mainstream-ish sound (nothing wrong with it) but my favorite songs by them are Ment to Live, Stars, and Oh!Gravity....theres another 1 or 2 idr the names of
They're awesome; I have A Beautiful Letdown, Nothing is Sound, and Oh! Gravity. May be a little mainstream, but I haven't seen them on VH1 or MTV since Stars.