B-52 AT-100 halfstack with Fender FM 412 cab Vs. Mesa Boogie Single Rectifier with rectifier 412 cab

I play pop punk like new found glory, mxpx, green day, blink-182, etc.. I can buy either one (both used) I am leaning towards one of them but just curious as to what you guys think. I play through a Fender Delonge strat
You've given two completely contrasting options, the B-52 head vs the single recto.......recto comes out on top IMO

The 4x12, a ****ty fender 4x12 with w/e the hell speakers come with it....or a quality mesa built 4x12 with celestion V-30's? did you really need to ask the question in the first place.

Why do you need a stack anyway? You get a better (more usable) tone from a smaller 2x12/1x12 all tube combo realistically.

I do apologise if it sounds like im having a go, but most people will not need a stack until they are playing pretty large gigs. Until then 50 watt tube is way more than enough for most people.
I'd go for the Mesa. Better sound, to me and better brand reputation. Question is, do you really need that much power? I have a 5150 and have to play through an attenuator. Way too much power!
Mesa FTW hands down.
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quite a few pop punk bands use the rectos with the gain down, so I say mesa
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yeah exactly what I was thinking(mesa), it's just the huge price difference. B-52 stack $700 CND and mesa stack $1,500 CND or maybe $1,300 CND which isn't bad, but I've heard you can get mesa tone with the B-52 but then the mesa is legendary. it is a pretty dumb question I just needed some more convincing

and no I'm not getting a 212 or 1 speaker combo!! I plan on getting more into gigging and that won't cut it. no many places around here mic amps because it's for amature bands and the places most bands play at are just empty rooms and they borrow them for the night which is pretty cool for amature bands.

and the 212 or 1 speaker combo won't have a full sound if you know what I mean. it won't have as much guts as the 412.

dumb question, I know, just needed more convincing.