ughh whats your price range? what do you play? what guitar do you have? what amp do you currently own? what do you like about the amp that you currently own? etc.
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Yea thats probably the best amp for your style and for the price of a tube amp is very competitively priced. I would suggest you get it and possibly a tubescreamer pedal if you occasionally play heavy.
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If you play blues, then the Blues Junior is amazing. It sounds so great for anything blues based, and the OD is pretty nice. With a pedal you can get really any sound you want up to some Classic Rock, so I'm sure funk would fit in well too.

I love mine!
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The BJ is a good amp, but there is also a Crate V16 Palomino. I think both are great, but the only real difference is the BJ has better reverb, and the Crate has more gain. If you want any distortion I would go for the Crate. They both have great cleans.