So last night I was really bored so I decided, as a joke, to transcribe the the Extreme song Play With Me onto bass. So I started, then realized, hey, this is actually possible!!!111

Today I finished it, and looking over it, I realized that this is physically impossible to play on bass, and even more so for me. So basically now I feel as if I wasted about 3 hours of my life doing nothing. Someone please tell me that this wasn't a waste of time. I have the GP tab if anyone wants.

The tuning is D#, G#, C#, D#. You would also need a 29 fret bass


Here's the file. Remember, its a GP file

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a send, send,
always interested in that stuff,

but if you need 29 frets, don't you think that that it should be played on a 6-string with 24 frets?

edit: I can't download it
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thought this was about World of Warcraft....

but yeah thats crazy ....

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I've never heard the song, but I'm willing to try anything to take advantage of my C-string. I'll check it out. =D