Selling Squier® MB-4 Skull and Crossbones Electric Bass Guitar for $130 as posted. Also giving away Johnson JP800 Bass Guitar for free.

Squier - Very Good Condition (Average use)
Johnson - Good Condition (Barely used strings), but one of the pickup's need to be replaced. Which is why I'm giving it away. I'm sure someone will find it useful..

Reviews for the Squier MB-4 (From guitar center):
Oct 14, 2006
Posted by Bass Master 246 from Lubbock,TX
The MB-4 skull and crossbones bass is awsome. It has sweet tone and quality for the price and works great. I use it in a rock band and I always get coments about how great it sounds and how cool it looks. It has that low bass thud and nice jazzy feel you want from a bass. I would defenantly recomend buying this bass.

there are also reviews for this bass on this site, check them out if you want

Store Prices:
Squier MB-4 $200-$250
Johnson JP800 $150

My Price:
$130 for both
Its a deal!

Pickups only no mailing. Leave email here if interested. I'll send you pics if you want and you can try it out before you buy it.

Oh yea I live in Syosset, Long Island which is in New York. You need to pick it up if you want to buy, or live near enough that I can drive to you.
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