I would like a flying v guitar I Have a washburn dime v signature and i have fallen in love with the shape. I play metal Metallica,Pantera,Children of Bodom,ect. This isnt a starter guitar more of an intermidiate. A floyd rose trem, 2 humbuckers preferabley Emgs or seymore duncans (i like the JB). Neck thru or set in, although i will settle for bolt on if its a good construction. I like having 24 frets but its not a big deal. I have about $1000 to spend on it. I have a solid state rogue 120watt amp. But a B-52 AT-100 halfstack is on its way. Any suggestions?
go for a gibson faded, double or triple pickup
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ESP/LTD have introduced a series of V-shaped guitars quite recently...


I don't know if they're any good, but the brand is very strong. And the more expensive one comes with EMG 81's stock...

Otherwise, Jackson guitars are very nice. Either the RR models, or the King V.

Then there's the original Gibson, but IMO you pay for the brand.
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dude get this instead

of course it's like $3,000

Ouch, ugly guitar warning!

Go for the Gibson V's.
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Ouch, ugly guitar warning!

Go for the Gibson V's.

Hhhmmm, I would call that a beautiful guitar.

TS, there's not really anything that fits ALL of your specs, but there are a few that almost make it. The ESP LTD V-500 has 2 EMG '81s, is set-through and has 24 frets. I've played this guitar before and I can vouch that it is awesome. If you need a trem (CoB and Pantera songs feature them a lot) then I'd say go for a Jackson RR3 or KE-3 (only 2006 models onwards though, they have better specs).
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My Jackson RR3 = love.

Im with ya there buddy

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