I have a Fender stratocaster, USA blah blah blah.

Anyway there is something wrong with my top e string.

When I play it at the 12th and then play the 12th harmonic, they are two different notes even when in tune, when they should be the same. This means that all the way up the fretboard each fret is slightly more than a semitone from the previous. It's only this string so my fretboard isn't out of line, the problem is with the "string holders"(apologies for the nooby language, I don't know what they're called, but it's whereyou thread the string through from the back and they are held in place by this little piece of metal brick) at the base. I think that I need to tighten it, I just want some advice on how to do it?

Any advice appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

you need to set the intonation of the guitar. This means you have to tune the guitar at the 12th fret. its kinda hard to explain so ill find you a link

EDIT: http://www.musicinstrument.biz/guitar_setup.htm
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That would be great thankyou.

EDIT: Thanks a lot, doesn't sound too difficult.

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