I'm going to be purchasing my third guitar shortly, and need some advice. I simply can not spend more than $420 and have my choices narrowed down pretty much. I have always, always wanted an explorer body type, so I really am thinking about getting an ESP ex260. Most people on here will knock it for its agathis wood body, but will it really matter that much?

The other guitar I'm thinking of is the Shecter Damien (or gryphon i guess). So, what do you guys think? I really want an explorer body style (and i'm not a huge fan of the agile ghost), but if agathis is that bad, I will look shecter. Thanks guys.
ESP, they are great, but if i where you, id save up a bit more for a higher quality ESP

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schecter XD

amazing guitars

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Gryphon. I have one and i absolutely love it.
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For various reasons, I just can't go over $420, so I know I won't be able to get the best guitar. But like I said, I have always wanted an explorer. I do like the schecters, but if that esp is even half-decent, I'll go for it.
hey if you like the look and sound of the LTD and it feels good to you then go for it.....i recently ditched my 7 string ibanez and converted to a schecter c7 hellraiser...so im biased to schecters.....but esp can build a decent guitar, and i never understood the big deal about agathis.......i dont see why everyone hates it...must be a bandwagon thing
esp makes great guitars. i dont like the ex. im a sit-down player (practice mostly), and that guitar... eh, my right elbow has no place to rest with that damn wall of a body in the way. i feel like im giving the guitar a reach around.
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Well, I have only been playing just over a year, and right now I have an epi les paul special and a junk squier strat running through a roland cube 60. I figure anything I get will be an upgrade. I am dead set on a more extreme body style. I looked at some v's too, but I just like the ex a bit more. I wish that the ex400 was cheaper, but oh well.