Im selling this because i need to shift it, i brought it onyl 3 months ago so its not very old and in mint conditition, but i find it does not really suit my style as im looking for a more classic rock, overdriven sound. But this pedal is perfect for someone into any type of metal and uses lots of gain, it really cuts through.

Also it has a switchless design, and no pots to wear out due to opitical sensors which detect the positition of the wah

If you are interested please email me at richarddbartlett@aol.com
this is the final offer to buy before i reissue it on ebay. Ive already had one person interested but they live in America so it is impractical. I will post to USA but UK would be easier. Anyyone?
nah im that interested in anything there sorry, but how much would you be willing to pay? You dont happen to have a zw44 ill trade that
well can you not lower the price abit more because if it reasonable i could lend some money off my mum
tiny cant buy cause he doesnt have enough money. So anyone else interested?
i'll trade my crybaby for it, i got a korg toneworks too
and a behringer overdrive pedal... lol

really really really want one of these, they are awesome pedals.