just wondering, is the Gibson SG symmetrical?
if my left handed friend buy it, change the order of the strings and the pickups upside down will it be the same?
(not worrying about volume knobs, input and switch)
It is not symmetrical. The right horn is taller by a bit.
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I haven't played one for a while, but to what I remember it was roughly symmetrical (I mean better upside down than something like a strat)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9aj0KeSXXww, to what I remember from a video of that entire gig that I saw, he did a very nice version of Red House on that guitar too

^^I think the cutaways are even, even if the horn is taller
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They are for the most part, (besides obviously the pickguard and controls) but yes the top horn is slightly longer, but not in any noticeable way when playing, they're very good for converting because you don't have to do any physical modifications besides changing the strings (and switching the nut, although this isn't absolutely necessary), the strap buttons can stay in the same place.
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hmm, though the bride looks like its at a bit of an angle
that might be an issue with the intonation when strung the other way :-/

and turning around the nut would also probably be mandatory, as theres no way you're going to get the low E into the slot for the high E, and the high would just flop around in the slot for the low E