I've been playing guitar for almost a year now and recently I have been practicing a little with Tremolo picking. I'm wondering is this more of an intermediate/advanced technique? Regardless I'm going to practice it either way so my picking improves along with everything else but I was just wondering what skill level Tremolo picking could be considered?
its not really that advanced. its just picking a note up and down really fast.
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its not really that advanced. its just picking a note up and down really fast.

Yeah I guess in thoeyr it isn't advanced at all, however wouldn't it take a bit of practice to actually be able to do it really fast??? Like I highly doubt a beginner will be able to get 160+ BPM (?)
The thing is most people can strum a string or two strings really quickly, any beginner can do that.

What takes a bit of practice/skill is doing it smoothly, evenly and in time. This is where I struggled with trem picking to begin with so the thing to do is slow it down and increase speed steadily when you find you are all over the place slow down slightly and practice till it is mastered then speed up.

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It's more of a beginner's technique, but it still has some stuff to look out for. You should be able to hit the string constantly and not just stop a couple of seconds randomly, etc.
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yeah anyone can do it, but to do it evenly and smoothly and in triplets etc is pretty darn difficult
back when i first got a guitar i wrote a "shred" solo (by that i mean it's what i noobishly thought shredding was) turned out i was just playing tremolo.... anyway, i'd say it's more of a beginner thing although you could always play it in a more advanced way than just hitting one note real fast and then moving to another

something i think sounds like from an old sci-fi moving is kind of like tremolo, if you keep the pick stationary and use a wide vibrato technique back and forth across the pick. ive yet to find a practical use for it though
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