I have a slight problem, well I can never get Vai songs down perfectly, I'll keep at it though anyway the main point being: I can always do the solos rather easily but I find difficulty in some bits in the song, especially remembering it.

I learnt the Building the Church solo (not the second one with the insane tapping, the first one with the legato and stuff) in about 20 minutes, and the dying to live one got nailed when I was learning that easily, also any other parts of Vai stuff I try, I succeed more if it's in a solo.
Its not Rythm/Lead cos I have trouble with lead parts which are actually in the songs, there must be something wrong with me right?
no not at all
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Why would there be? If you could get every single part that you try perfectly, that defeats the purpose of learning to play, doesn't it? Everyone has their own obstacles while learning, so it's totally normal. Have fun.

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However, if we're being all grown up about this (in the pit?) walkingonspikes is dead on
No, of course not. Vai is an amazing player that practices 15+ hours a day when he's not touring. He's been playing guitar for years. He does completely unorthodox things that no one else would think of. It's perfectly normal.

And try the attitude song. It's fun and fairly simple.
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