i dunno, it sounded not so great to me. it could be like some crazy death metal **** i guess. better than anything i first wrote, for playing for 6 months i guess its okay.
not super though.
i liked the pre chorus, that was about the only part. it all sounds sort of monotone though.
whatever though good job for only playing 6 months.
practice lots of theory, and listen to tons of music for inspiration.
good luck in your future song writing.
might help if the bass was in the same tuning as the guitars......
Don't take me too seriously.

Live Life
hehe yeah, my theory aint that great yet.
thx for comments

btw. could you suggest what parts of theory would improve my songwriting?

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I didn't lke it much...
the verses were alright, but the rest was... well... not good.

i liked the prechorus thou, it was the best part of your song.

about improving your theory in song writing, i'm not sure,
since i almost not using theory in my songs, except scales.
try wrting notes that sound good together(unless u want something special).
crit my songs, (PLZ):
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