It's cool that the RG1570 have a reverse headstock now, but for a prestige model, why oh why does the lower RGR320EX looks so much better than it? I'll wait till the Summer Namm comes to see what else they might have, but if these are it, then I'm disappointed. It it too hard for them to come up with a different color than black?

The Prestige models from the past were so much better than what Ibanez offer now, and so were the RG series in the 80's. Ebay seems like the only place to get the type of Ibanezes I want.
yeah I agree why does the RGR320EX look so much better compared to the RG1570? Ibanez need someone to do proper paintjobs on them like dean guitars, i feel, look better then Ibanez guitars but i love Ibanez guitars because of their actual play-ability http://www.deanguitars.com/electrics.htm their whole range of guitars look better then what Ibanez has to offer but i think Ibanez is better in terms of the actual guitar
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i must say that yellow and black rg is SICK, it would look alot better in black with blood red "spletter"
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i dont like the reverse headstock at all. but the new mikro looks like a fun mess around guitar
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