Hi, I am learning Crazy Train, I basically got the whole song down, minus the solo and intro. You see, I learned the intro note for note, and it still sounded like complete crap. Timing was perfect, etc. So I decided to look up other people playing it on Youtube, I came across a lesson, and saw the person just down picking it. I was alternate picking. Now that I down pick, it sounds completely perfect. Now I am very happy, but I am wondering, it the intro supposed to be down picked only?
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It shouldn't matter. Maybe when you are alternate picking you are palm muting too much or not enough?
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Uhm no i transition pick and it sounds fine . You have just have the rhythm off when alternating
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It shouldn't matter. Maybe when you are alternate picking you are palm muting too much or not enough?

Nop, my palm muting is fine. I do it the same for each different picking style. This is weird. Because I was struggling with it when I alternate picked, but now its a piece of cake and sounds great. Hmmm...

EDIT: I am watching the Crazy Train After Hours, and it me it looks as though Randy is down picking it. Can someone else confirm/deny this for me?
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Personally i can downpick the intro and alternate pick it and it doesn't sound too different either way to me. To the question supposed to i believe it is downpicked by Randy to give it a heavy more powerful sound.
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I thought it was in standard..

It is.
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... So did I. Anyway, I doesn't matter, it sounds the same way to me whether I down, up, sweep, or alternate pick it.


shouldnt really matter whether you alternate or just down pick. i think rhoads down picks exclusively though...
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dude it doesnt matter unless if you are picking it wrong. because when i do it doesnt matter.
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