good guitar, but you reallly need to mix the drums in louder and a Rythm guitar.

but nice.
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can someone rate my song in 1 being really bad and 10 really good...keep in mind i recorded the song in 30 minutes and been playing guitar for 2 yrs...thanks

1.. kinda boring and almost just sounded like someone playin around..
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4, not a whole lot of flow to it. Either have the drums muted, or louder just now kind of laying around. Your bends are decent for the most part. You might want to invest in compressor because some of the notes are really too soft then harsher sounding at times and I think a compressor would help solve that problem. Keep working on it and you'll come up with something.
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thanks...i'm recording through a cheap digitech pedal..that's why it kinda fades and the tone is bad...i'm gonna try to get a mic and mic my amp next time
well, i think the drums take away from it just because they don't fit the recording. you might be better of just setting up a metronome and playing with that.

as amott said, it does sound like someone playing around with a certain like... musical theme in mind, but that doesn't mean its bad. you do have some good ideas on this recording.

hmm to rate it out of 10 would be a toughie. i wouldn't really listen to this for pleasure because it is so unpolished. if you work with some of these ideas though, i'm sure you can make something cool up.

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