Hey everyone,

There is someone who lives near me who is selling an Epiphone SG special for $75. Just a few dings on the back of the neck, and missing the high E string. Nothing a new pair of Ernie balls can't fix.

I was wondering, is this a decent guitar for the price? I would get it just to have it. I already have a schecter Gryphon.
id buy t if u had a lot of extra money
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definately buy it

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Yeah, i got a new one for $150
i've had it for 2 years, and it still rocks hard man
added a killswitch to mix it up
but if youre lookin to put straploks on it, if you get the same kind i did, they wont work
the screw for the neck is about an inch too short
mines held in with Gorilla glue haha
straploks? screw that, DUCT TAPE!!!!
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That is not a good deal. They have absolutely no resale value. They are not bad for a starter guitar. Offer him $50 or less.
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