i was about to get the blues jr from the store here near ours by the end of the month. but when i went to the store today, it was gone! i asked the guy, but they wont have any stock for an indefinite period of time! sheesh!!!

i need a tube now that i have enough cash for a 15-watter, and ive been looking at the crate site lately and ive seen the new v-series. im interested in the v18.

it looks like a palomino, but its 18-watts. the downside is, its made in china. i think the newer crate products would be made in asia now.

i was wondering if anyone has played a v18. how is it? hows the quality on these new crate amps? and how is the sound and tone coming out of it?

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I think they're great amps! Cleans are quite decent, has more gain than the Blues Junior. It's a great blues/classic rock amp... can even do hard rock quite well on its own. I've only played them in stores so I really can't comment on reliability and quality, but they seemed to well built.

Were you set on getting the Blues Junior? You can always just order one online... The V16 is 15 watts by the way.
Sorry to join the threadstarter here, but would you recommend one over a blues junior? Im looking at one for mainly blues, not any heavy stuff? thanks
the v series isn't new, i've had one for about 2 years now. regardless of that, they're great amps. crate stuff is built to last, so reliability shouldn't be an issue. Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top uses v series amps now, and he has amazing tone.
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i had a blues jr before, but i sold it a month ago due to financial reasons. after some crunching, i figured id have enough money anyway so id buy one. i could order one online, but shipping in canada is such a pain sometimes, and i dont want to risk it.

byrne: yeah, the blues jr is great and a nice OD would give you a push to some gainy stuff (OCD's are awesome, imo).

yeah, the v16's and palominos are 15 watts, but crate just released a newer series (called v-series mark II, i think), and they are manufactured in asia. the v18 was said to be 18 watts.

any more inputs?

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well from what i understand from crate's site, online retailers, and playing them in the store, the v-series are basicly the palomino series with black covering instead of cream. i havent played the mark II series or whatever, so i cant say if the are different. however, i do really like the palominos and early v series, so if the new ones are like that i wouldnt hesitate. i would probably pick it over the blues junior given the choice between the two.
yeah, ive heard the palomino live, and i loved the tone from it. the difference with the new ones though is that the speakers are different, and that its manufactured in china.

not to downplay asian manufacturers, but its just that the products that are manufactured there are cheap and have quality control issues (i.e. squier, low end epiphone's).

granted, the amp's price is actually higher than a palomino right now ($349 for the palomino and around $379 for the new v18), i do hope that the quality is up to par as well.

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i was looking at the new v-series on the site a couple days ago. i'm not sure how they'd stand up to the palominos, though. best thing to do is see who has them in stock, and a/b them. if not, the palomino's always a good choice. not much of a difference between 15 and 18 watts either.
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The new v seriess seems to be a step up from the Palominos. The V33, for instance, is a two channel amp, while the V32 is a single channel. Or the fact that the V18 is 18W while the V16 is 15W.

Haven't seen 'em in person, yet. Gotta wonder if they'll be replacing the Palominos or the VC series, or neither.
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so far, there are no announcements if they are going to replace the older v-series.

but these new amps look just like the palomino's though, except for some minor changes (even the v18 has a standby switch).

as of this moment, there are some good deals in ebay for this amp, and im really tempted to get one. i can always return them, although that would be at my expense

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ok, i decided to just bite the bullet and get one.

the deal is just too good for me to pass it up. its brand new, and the selling price is around $175 CDN cheaper than any tube amps sold locally here. plus the shipping aint too shabby either using USPS.

even if they charge me brokerage fees up to $100 CDN, its still cheaper.

well anyway, id try to give some feedback once it gets here. im excited, but im not expecting too much, to probably prevent any huge disappointments if it isnt good.

although whatever happens, its gonna be for everyone else's gain.

EDIT: sorry for the double post.

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